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The Recession Must Be Over

At Old Homesteak Steak House last night

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Is it us, or do these prices strike you as insane?

Especially when the wine business has been in a recession of its own, and there’s a serious glut of cabernet on the market.

Or, are they just more of the same wine gouge which our tourist trap economic thinking imposes on those poor, captive, unsuspecting pigeons….er…uh…we mean…tourists?

Or is it just the usual mark-ups for March Madness to soak the sucker…er…uh…we mean customers….while the town is full for a big weekend?

Or, do they signal an end to the recession?

And if the recession is ending, and better times are ahead, isn’t this the same sort of hubris that caused the catastrophe in the first place?

Because if Wynn/Encore has enough cash floating around to give $135 million to a Chinese university, and your average conventioneer doesn’t mind blowing $35 for a glass (yes, a glass) of California cab, then times must be good, right?

And if there are fools out there willing to spend forty bucks on something that isn’t worth it…it’s practically our duty as Las Vegans to relieve them of their cash, isn’t it?

After all, that’s what this town was built on, right? Just ask Steve “Mr. Chinese Philanthropist” Wynn.

6 Responses to The Recession Must Be Over

  • seems about right for that joint. everything there seems to be priced for tourists.

  • I was in a Bellagio lounge last night & politely gently protested the bill of $40 per glass of Chard on basis I’d not been told in advance its high cost! They quickly adjusted them ! As a local I think $18-$20 is quite sufficient for a Strip side glass of white wine. If this is the new norm we’ll be back in recession before we get out of it!

  • I suspect the prices are to impress “high rollers” from out of town/country who think the comps they receive are of great value .. that is why there can be a market for locals who understand value and aren’t chasing the freebies

  • As I pointed out in my Yelp review of OH; this restaurant is mediocre, and absurdly expensive.

    I say boycott the place; there are so many better steakhouses to choose from.

  • Stag Leap’s cab for $55 a glass? WOW.

  • I have been wondering why the food critics are all giving OH such lavish praise when the best thing about that restaurant is the breadbasket.

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