Daniel the Oyster Man at P. J. CLARKE’S

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If you’re an oyster lover – and let’s face it who isn’t? — then you’ve got another month* to get the best of the best at our best (and really only) oyster bar.

Before some of you start shelling out criticism, ELV is fully aware of the Oyster Bar at Palace Station, and considers it a fine enterprise.

It doesn’t take much prying before one can admire what they’re doing here: bringing in a half-dozen varieties (soon to be more) and operating it the way a true oyster bar does — with a passionate bivalve guy dispensing pearls of saline wisdom directly with his Crassostrea gigasjust like in a real city.

You know the guy loves his work when his e-mail address begins with theoystershucker.

So, let it be known that P. J. Clarke’s is the real deal in serious slurping in our humble burg…so good that we’re not clamming up about it.

Something about having your oysters shucked and handed to you personally just makes the whole experience tastier, don’t you think?

And nothing in town beats the $1.00 special — available every day from 2:45-6:00 pm.

Aw shucks…we just thought you’d like to know.


In The Forum Shops at Caesars

3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109




* There’s nothing wrong with oysters in the warm weather months, but that’s when they spawn and get more watery.

5 thoughts on “Daniel the Oyster Man at P. J. CLARKE’S

  1. I must have been eating them wrong. My wife and I had oysters just 1 time and we both were discusted. Is it a flavor thing or a feeling food? I know a lot of people eat custard both because it feels good and tastes good, but I must have missed something. I love almost every food in the sea but this.

  2. P.J. Clarke’s oysters are a steal at this price — I get a couple dozen each time I can make it there. That with either the Sancerre or Gavi is just fantastic.

  3. I tried their oysters once and they were milky and not good. Unfortunately, they only serve one type on special so you have to be lucky.

    Try King’s Fish House in Henderson. Very fresh, shucked to order and lots of choices. No specials but well worht it.

  4. I have been to PJ’s clarkes many times and i must say there oysters are the best in town. There 1$ special for them is great and they switch it every other day so you get to try all of them for a low price. I also LOVE there mac n’ cheese, they get it right every time. The only thing better then there food is there guest service. I’ve been served by all most everybody who works there but Chuck, Justina and, Frankie truly know what there doing. I willhave always go back just for those 3. “It even doesn’t have to be happy hour”

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