The Best Coffee in Town?

Sorry, Sambalatte, beat it, The Beat…and please accept our sympathies, Starbucks, but for unbridled, pristine smoothness and fresh brewed richness (not to mention an almost silky mouth-feel and zero acidity), nothing trumps the freshly ground siphon coffee at Cafe de Japon:

[nggallery id=1523]

It is so rich and smooth we think it deserves two sets of pictures of it being made there:

[nggallery id=1521]

Plus this link telling you more than you need to know about the process* and this video:

…that demonstrates the method in real time.

As the story goes, siphon coffee was invented by alchemist/soothsayers way back when people ran around trying to turn coffee into gold and other such nonsense. That tale may be apocryphal, but there’s no falsity in the fine-nessĀ  of this brew.

Our loyal readers know ELV often describes an alcoholic drink or a bar by saying it makes him wish he drank more. We’re not coffee drinkers per se, and hardly coffee geeks, but these caffeinated cups make us wish we were.

Best of all, a cup only costs $5….and you get the show for free.

Just thought you’d like to know.


5300 Spring Mountain Road #101

Las Vegas, NV 89146



* It has to do with expanding gases, gravity and what not – ideas as foreign to ELV as the Higgs boson particle…or a Lady Gaga video.

5 thoughts on “The Best Coffee in Town?

  1. Sorry, Having been to Italy, only Italians do coffee right. Everyone else is pure imitation!

  2. Monsour, you are an idiot. I’ve been to Italy more than dozen times. Actually lived in switzerland about an hour away from the border, and also lived in France, Asia, etc., but every country does coffee slightly differently. To make a such blanket statement with your limited experience is comical. Besides, Arabs are the first ones to brew coffee. Have you had a coffee in Yemen? So they are imitations because they aren’t Italian hey?

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