Food in Film

ELV note: There is one GLARING omission in this otherwise outstanding compilation of lip-smacking food clips from delicious movies. Can you guess what it is?


Answer: There is no scene from Tampopo — the greatest food movie of all time.

Why is it the greatest food movie of all time, ELV?

We’re glad you asked that question.

Tampopo is the greatest food movie of all time because it is utterly, completely, hysterically and unapologetically a movie about food and our relationship to it. None of the other movies (as gorgeous and appetite-inducing as they may be), can make that claim.

Observe here, here, and especially here.

6 thoughts on “Food in Film

  1. Way out of my price range.

    • January 27, 2012 Decadent Truffle Time at Guy Savoy:Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace, a Top Ten pick in Eating Las Vegas, is serving a seasonal eight-course black truffle menu through February 2012 for $398/person.

  2. Fond as I am of Japanese film, from Ozu’s silents to Satoshi Kon’s latest anime, and the films of Juzo Itami in particular, my favourite food flick is Ratatouille. Nothing else is close.

  3. I’ll have to check out Tampopo ELV. I haven’t yet seen a better film with food in a starring role than Babette’s Feast. To watch strict Christians who live a sparse life of bread and soup dine on Babette’s turtle soup and suck the brains from quail “en Sarcophage” is simply delicious.

  4. ELV responds: Merci @Tom, but we have always found Le Grand Bouffe to be beyond disgusting…especially when the protagonists start dying from eating themselves to death…

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