For Pizza Geek Eyes Only

ELV note: John Arena (an Official Friend of ELV) sent these along to us from his History of Pizza file. He tells us there is some sort of underground network of pizza geeks in America who are always researching things like pizza history, the origin of durum wheat, anchovy assortments, the best way to use tomatoes and all sorts of other esoterica that they share it for mutual edification and delectation. These two articles — one from the New York Sun in 1905, the other from the New York Times in 1956 (when ELV was but a sprite) — give some fascinating insight into the early press (and composition) of something we now take as much for granted as ice cream. The last picture is of the front page of the Sun in 1905 (to show the exact date of publication) and features a picture of Kaiser Wilhelm II for you WWI buffs out there (and you know who you are!). We apologize for the format, but they came to us in PDF form, so all you can do is click on the pictures for a slightly better look. The second article is tough to follow, but you’ll get the idea.

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