ELV Hot Hostess Watch 2011 Contest!

ELV will be in SoCal over the weekend, so instead of leaving  his loyal readers in a lurch, his staff thought the  First Annual Hot Hostess Watch Contest! was in order —  pitting our favorite Hot Hostesses of 2011 in a stiletto to stiletto fight to the food hostess finish.

So vote in the comments thread for either:

Tiffani (with and “i”) at the Sugar Factory:

[imagebrowser id=1354]

Micheala from Vintner Grill:

[imagebrowser id=1493]

Ashley from Jaleo:

[imagebrowser id=1319]

…or Yohana at Dom DeMarco’s

[imagebrowser id=1496]

…to determine the beeg weener of  the coveted ELV Hot Hostess of the Year Award for 2011!

Vote early and often (ballot stuffing encouraged!), but please remember to keep it civil, clean and polite, as these nice gals do their best to make our visits to Las Vegas’s restaurants a pleasant one, and have all generously agreed to let ELV objectify and exploit their beauty for the benefit of this website.

The Grand Prize: Recognition on this website of course, plus ELV’s personal pledge to stop taking pictures of them.

Contest void where prohibited by law or good taste.

48 thoughts on “ELV Hot Hostess Watch 2011 Contest!

  1. Hell, this is like choosing which gift to pull from under the Christmas tree. Considering my selection criteria, which is unfit for public announcement, I say Yohanna!

  2. Can we cast 3 votes?
    Micheala because we have a weakness for tall gorgeous blondes
    Ashley because we have a weakness for the gorgeous girl next door
    Tiffani because we have a weakness for all the perky girls in high school who wouldn’t give us the time of day and ruined us for life.

    What? No redhead?

    What gives ELV?

  3. Without a doubt ASHLEY ASHLEY ASHLEY. Something about that sweet, innocent but deadly sexy vibe she’s effortlessly throwing down. Beautiful, I say.

  4. Though all 4 women are beautiful in their own special ways I’m gonna have to go with Ashley. I’d like to watch her show me to my table in slow motion. Delicious

  5. I’m sorry but if anyone is plain it is Micheala. Tiffani is adorable but we are talking about hot right? Yohanna is exotic but Ashley (IN PERSON) is one of the sexiest, most beautiful young ladies you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Always dressed to kill yet down to earth and an amazing smile. Ashley is the whole package!

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