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Eat This Now – GUY SAVOY’s Chestnut Royale

Naked Chestnut Royale

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Ah….Christmas time. The winter solstice, when our thoughts drift to chestnuts roasting on an open fire…when they’re not focusing on major awards!…or hot hostesses.

Truth be told, we’ve never been big fans of chestnuts. The taste is sweet and nutty…but the pastiness always puts us off.

That is until Restaurant Guy Savoy laid this puppy on us last month. Fresh, glazed nuts (insert joke here), with sliced porcini ‘shrooms floating in a bath of chestnut “milk” brings out all the flavor whilst tempering some of the graininess of the nut itself.

In all, it is the apotheosis of nut-dom, perfect for the season, and guaranteed to put you in the holiday mood.

It helps to be in the “giving” spirit, however (either to yourself or that special someone), as a bowl of all this nutty, earth-yet-light richness, comes to $60 in the Bites and Bubbles Lounge.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


2 Responses to Eat This Now – GUY SAVOY’s Chestnut Royale

  • 60 bucks for a couple of nuts and a slice of mushroom. I’m in the wrong business.

  • I get the appeal of something simple done very, very well but come on.

    If they want me to pay $60 for a little chestnut soup with a sliced mushroom, it had better have sex with me first…

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