Sing Sing Sing!

Just about the boppin-est big band tune of all time. Benny Goodman, pre-marijuana-addiction* Gene Krupa pounding the skins, and a preternaturally-thin Harry James on the trumpet…plus bonus solos by the great Teddy Wilson (tickling the ivories) and Lionel Hampton (on the vibes)!

It don’t get much more swingin’ than this folks. Happy Friday and take it away boys:

SING SING SING! Benny Goodman by NilbogLAND


* According to Wikipedia, whenever Krupa would drop a stick or miss a beat (in the 50s), the audience would start whispering “he’s on the stuff again.”

1 thought on “Sing Sing Sing!

  1. Whenever I pick up my sticks the Mrs. thinks I’m on he stuff again. She’s always right because I’m always on the stuff.

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