Hot Bartender Watch – J. R. at RM SEAFOOD

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Calling a dude “hot” feels about as natural to ELV as praising a Republican….but hey…it could happen!

For now, let’s just say that barkeep/mixologist/bar manager J. R. Starkus is one creative cat at RM Seafood making lots of cool drinks, including the Off The Cuff, a drink we like to think of as a whisky sour with a master’s degree. Bulleitt rye, Drambuie, fresh lemon juice, and fresh cracked ice make a cocktail of uncommon smoothness — with the depth and power of the Drambuie giving it a honeyed soulfulness a simple sour usually lacks. It also goes down uncommonly easy, so beware!

Starkus is also something of a bitters freak — his bar stocked with 42 different blends — and will be happy to display his virtuosity with them from his ever-evolving cocktail list, or with a concoction whipped up off the cuff, as it were. (Just do the bloke a favor and don’t ask for too much creativity on a busy night.)

In other restaurant news: It looks like RM will be taking over the Shanghai Lilly space at Mandalay Bay — after extensive renovations — to make room for a Michael Jackson museum(?)* where it presently resides. ELV heartily approves of this move, as there have always been too many moving parts to these two restaurants, and a leaner and meaner RM will be good for Moonen, his chefs, his staff, his customers and his brand.


In the Mandalay Place Shops

3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89119



* “Thanks for dying Michael. We really appreciate it.”**

** The two most common phrases heard around the Jackson family for the past two years.

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  1. I hope they stick with the gorgeous wood decor from the current locale. While the interior is terrific, especially upstairs, it always seemed like Rick got screwed on the location once Mandalay changed hands, with “value oriented” things popping up across and next door that detracted from his premium brand. The SL position at least will have the waves of conventioneers passing right past the door every day.

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