Eat This Now – Breakfast Pizza at BREAD & BUTTER

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It’s the best reason to break a fast Henderson has ever tasted.

Start with a slightly thicker crust somewhere between a pizza and an English muffin. Top it with sliced redskin potatoes, green peppers, caramelized red onions. Then pile on the soft scrambled eggs, oozing with fresh mozz, and  finish the whole mcgillicuddy with sprinkled Parmesan and thyme — the whole providing more umami satisfaction than should be legal this early in the morning.

Wash it down with one of their ever-expanding selection of artisanal root beers (second tasty snap), and you have a breakfast of champions.*

It only costs $8.50.

Just thought you’d like to know.


10940 South Eastern Ave. Suite 107

Henderson, NV 89052



* One worthy of Smokin’ Joe Frazier. R.I.P. Joe.

1 thought on “Eat This Now – Breakfast Pizza at BREAD & BUTTER

  1. I went to Bread and Butter for the first time today (didn’t try this breakfast pizza, tho). I did have the chef’s mixed greens salad, which is the second-best salad I’ve ever had (#1 is the Caesar’s salad at the Capital Grille in Providence RI). I also had a sticky pecan bun (had to balance out the healthy greens with something rich and way-too-indulgent, right?), which was good but not quite as good as I was expecting. The sticky bun was supposed to be dessert, but I was really hungry and couldn’t wait, so it became an appetizer instead. For dessert I ended up with a blueberry muffin, which was really disappointing. I’ll definitely order the salad and the sticky bun again, but I don’t know about the muffins. I had a sticky-sweet (but in a good way) butterscotch root beer as a beverage. It was so sweet it could have functioned as dessert. So basically I had three desserts with a salad. Good thing BandB is so far away. Actually, not so much. From S. Decatur, I hop on the 215 and get there in ~20 minutes. Oh yeah, this will definitely be a once-a-week thing. Totally worth the drive.

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