Krazy Karnivorous Kim Kidz Krave Korean at HONEY PIG

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“What part of the cow didn’t we eat?” were the only words ELV could utter to über-attorney Rob Kim after a meat extravaganza at Honey Pig.

“Not much,” was his overstuffed reply. “Plus, we polished off several parts of a pig, including some sweet, spicy daeji bulgogi and a dish we Koreans call ‘intestines with intestines (a stir-fried melange of stuffed and plain innards….yummmm).'”

“Lucky for us, Mason and Spencer were here,” was all ELV could burp out. “The last time I saw a six and eight-year-old chow down like that, I think I was looking into a horse barn.”

“Yeah….imagine what it’s going to be like when they’re teenagers,” he replied with a sigh.

Watching these two krazy kidz eat a variety of foods, and sample stuff with only a bit of prodding from their parents, warmed the cockles of our staff’s heart. Because picky eaters are made not born, and when you expose children to food without fear or prejudice, they learn to sample and taste and make up their own minds about what they like…and in the long run learn to eat healthier and better than those whose parents confined them to whatever food bigotry was hanging around the household.

Despite what it might look like, there were more vegetables and less carbohydrates at this dinner than anything you’ll get at Claim Jumper or Applebee’s or Maggiano’s or any one of dozens of crappy American chain links that are packed with American fat families any night of the week. And despite what looks like a mountain of meat…most of it is bite-sized and nibbled upon — not consumed whole hog like your average steak or cheeseburger. (Block that metaphor!)

Über-attorney Rob Kim picked up the check. 감사합니다 (“kamsamnida”), über-attorney Rob!)


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