Ice Baby, Ice!

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The ice comes from Iceland. (How appropriate!) It goes into a very heavy, very cool ice press at the bar at Le Cirque. Gravity and evaporation do their work, and within a couple of minutes: prest-O! change-O! you have a perfect sphere of super cold ice, ready to go into whatever expensive whisky has just been ordered.

Le Cirque barman extraordinare Gene Andrade tells us the nature of the ice itself (and the sphere it becomes) causes it to melt more slowly that regular cubes, so as not to unduly water down whatever small-batch Bourbon or single malt Scotch is being cooled by it.

Scroll through our chilly snaps to see the ultra-cool transmogrification take place….and then ask yourself:

Why don’t I have a spherical cube maker at my bar?

And why don’t I import my ice from Iceland?

And you call yourself a mixologist….


In the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 693-8100

4 thoughts on “Ice Baby, Ice!

  1. How is this different from Jaleo, which has been using the spherical ice cubes in their perfect gin & tonic since the day they opened?

  2. At Jaleo, the bartender said that the ice comes from LA versus what Circo does by making it here — either way, love the spherical ice — the G&T’s at Jaleo are about as perfect as you can get

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