Hot Hostesses Watch – 35 STEAKS + MARTINIS

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Katie, Olivia and Emma are so effervescent, they can almost make us forget the evolution of this steakhouse stalwart in the Hard Rock — from A. J.’s to Rare 120 to this most recent incarnation.

Eating Las Vegas hopes the restaurant will start hitting its sales targets ($4 mil over 12 months – not that high for a Strip steakhouse) if, for no other reason so we can consort with their comeliness….as we consider our consumption of so many copious cocktails and clear up our continued confusion over killing so much cattle.


In the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

4455 Paradise Road

Las Vegas, NV 89169


6 thoughts on “Hot Hostesses Watch – 35 STEAKS + MARTINIS

  1. These people have no clue what they are doing. It is amazing they have not gotten run out the door like they did at Harrahs!!

  2. John, ever since Peter sold the place it has been a slow, painful down the tube property. Their FB outlets are a joke, you even would admit that I’m sure. The sex appeal of Nobu has been “long long time” gone. I’m sure they still do decent revenues but there is nothing left in the hotel to draw them in. Vegas has a short term memory, look at the Palm’s now, just another example of a slow death. Cosmo hot today, could be a lump in 5 more years….Keep up the good work my friend!

  3. I’m currently sitting in a room at HRH and it’s been completely underwhelming. It’s probably my first (and last) trip to Vegas based on this.

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