Burger Merging

Eating Las VegasĀ® thinks if you merged the magnificent meat of the Carnevino burger:

[imagebrowser id=1370]

…with the balance, grind and construction of the Central burger:

[imagebrowser id=1371]

….then added a little extra seasoning (i.e. just a little extra salt and pepper), then grilled its exterior to a caramelized, crunchy perfection, you would have the P. J. Clarke’s burger:

[imagebrowser id=1380].

ELV also thinks all burger photography should focus on the bun and the meat, not on all the gussied up condiments food photographers (and chefs) love to pile on top of the burger before they shoot pictures of it. Our tasty snaps are perhaps a bit too close-up for your taste, but we were trying to make a point.

A point that you, as a burger aficionado, will either already know or get.

That is all.

1 thought on “Burger Merging

  1. All nice, way upperscale burgers. I just can’t justify a burger when I can get a great steak for the same price many places.

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