Dear ELV,

I am a single, attractive woman in her 30’s, professionally educated, financially stable, well-liked by her peers, and some would say well-endowed. Despite these traits, I often find myself alone, craving one of those desserts you like to feature in your Eat This Now articles. My question is: Is it okay for a woman to go to a fancy restaurant and only order dessert? Will I be looked at strangely or treated differently by the staff?


Desperately Desiring Dessert Debbie

ELV responds:

Dear Quadruple  D,

A woman of your nature should NEVER go to a restaurant alone. You would only be looking for trouble and heartache. IT’S A PROVEN FACT! Better by far to give ELV a ring and let him accompany you.

Men on the other hand, along with any reasonably sized group, are most welcomed in almost any top-flight restaurant for dessert only, provided they:

1) Are willing to sit at the bar;

2) Don’t show up at a peak dinner time (i.e., try to go early or late);

3) Look and act like they wouldn’t mind throwing back a glass of champagne or two;

4) Actually toss down a glass of champagne or two;

5) Tip generously — at least 20% — on the final tab;

6) Thank the staff profusely, both upon entering and exiting, for allowing you to drop in just for the sweets; and finally,

7) Compliment* the pastry chef as profusely as you thanked the staff.

Hope that helps!

Your new breast friend,


PS: Here are but a few of the restaurants at which ELV would be happy to meet you for some superior sweets:

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Guy Savoy


American Fish


Le Cirque

Michael Mina

Eiffel Tower Restaurant




Comme Ça




Rao’s (the cheesecake is to die for)







* Complimenting Vegas’ dessert chefs will come easily to you, as Vegas’ best restaurants easily have some of the greatest dessert talent in the country working in them.

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