Hot Hostess Watch – LOTUS OF SIAM

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What do Harry Reid, Oscar Goodman, Ming Tsai and a barely visible Max Jacobson have in common?

If you answered: They keep Chollada company (and make her life more difficult by forcing her to look at their ugly mugs) at the hostess stand at Lotus of Siam everyday, you would be right.

And if you thought to yourself: It would be a far far better thing to have her look at a picture of ELV everyday….well, you’d be right there too.

ELV, of course, prefers looking solely at Chollada.

4 thoughts on “Hot Hostess Watch – LOTUS OF SIAM

  1. (So[V])ietnam. I’m game for curries, as Steingarten mentions, but I cringe when it’s time for the bug menu. Something tells me she would doesn’t offer customers the latter of these two morsels of eateries.

  2. All hostesses and waitresses are this good looking in the Philippines….helps to distract from the occasional less than satisfactory meal and that occasional case of food poisoning… ye ye. JC I agree with your assessment of this lovely lady! looks good….don’t be so insulting

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