10 thoughts on “Edible Vegas Tomorrow Night!

  1. However how much I love ELV web site, I think a local library thing is out of touch.

  2. The language of food? Who the hell is Misti Yang. yeah I will be searching yelp for her really soon now.

    Man, all those language of food authorities blogs suck, like cured fish sperm sacks.

    Tales from the kitchen? Who are these local celebrities? They going to tell awesome stories of banging a waitress in the walkin, maybe defrosting a frozen turkey through the dishwasher?

    Naa, they goin tell the struggle, how hard it is and how hard they worked and everyone said they couldnt. And how much they like serving people and seeing people happy from eating their food. Yeah yeah yeah.

    I do like Al Macinis video, in a way its a fresh of breath air. Its got that whole independent TV, on at 2am on sunday vibe. If I was still working fucked hours I would watch it. Not a fan of the Gwar voice at the beginning.

    I like that he represents the SIN of Vegas. Its about time someone stands up for that shit… I hope it doesnt work towards a slow death with the big elephants in the Room, uhmmm… MGM.

  3. With regards, my “state” based internet connection and monitor lack the pixel quality otherwise necessary to make the (quasi-conspicuous) contact call on said leaflet; but, nevertheless, “public,” “state” and “library” connote this event may not present a license fee for entrace, is this the case? If no, then might a donation be appropriate. In any case, depending on Nevada state law, of which I admit ignorance (and [if it requires certain residency conditionings – then hypothetically]), I nominate and / or vote John curtas Mayor.

  4. To Sounds Fascinating 2:

    Do you find it difficult to sit in front of your computer with that HUGE BUG UP YOUR ASS???

    If you don’t like the lineup, don’t go! But, you act like everyone gives a shit about your sour attitude toward others’ hard work.

    One last thing – if you’re going to write online, you might want to invest in classes on proper grammar. “…they goin tell the struggle…” Seriously? Stop typing! Your IQ drops with every letter!

  5. No Earache702, I dont find it difficult to sit at my computer with a huge bug up ass. It feels quite good. Not quite sure what kinda bug it is, maybe a roach.

    Now that I answered your question in regards to that inquiry, I wont be intending the event regardless of the line up. I know nobody gives a shit about my sour attitude towards others hard work, except for you.

    But your right, I should choose my comments wisely, like why fucking rain on someone elses parade. But thats also like sayin ELV shouldnt review restaurants and shit on restaurants because at least the people who own the spot are workin hard and they mean nothing but the best, but serve shit food.

    It the end of the day, who gives a shit if I’m posting comment in regards to some gay ass food event held at a public library and those hosting it are feeling self worth and importance. Its not a slam on them. its just the reality that someone is noticing another side of the spectrum. And anyone that has been reading this blog for many years, knows that ELV lobves spotlight. At a library or the greendoor.

    Ohh and one last thing, unless your up for the job of being my editor, go fuck your self. Theres a whole world of us offspring from degenerates (baby boomers) that you can crusade against. Face it asshole and wake up to reality, you reap what you sow. Dis is da way we talk!

  6. Ohhh, I am MORE than up for the task of being your editor! For instance, you wrote: “unless your up for the job of being my editor”.

    The correct word is YOU’RE, not your. YOU’RE means “You are”, such as in “You’re a self-serving Millennial Douchebag!” YOUR, on the other hand, is possessive. For instance, “Your lack of education is showing!”

    See how that works? Thus endeth the lesson! My job is done, here. You can resume being a dick!

  7. i actually enjoyed it. whish it was more of an open forum. my girl had to hold me back, wanted to add my 2 cents so many times!
    man i hope my grammar passes the test.

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