This Just In – Alessandro Stratta Consulting at MARCHE BACCHUS

Breaking: In a move that will surely bring this restaurant onto every foodies’ radar,  Marche Bacchus will officially announce tomorrow that award-winning, world-class, master-of-the-culinary-universe, über-chef Alex Stratta has been brought in as a consultant to the restaurant. One of Stratta’s able lieutenants at the now-defunct ALEX — Joseph Swan — has been installed as Executive Chef at the popular wine shop-cum-bistro, leading ELV to believe the food here is about to take a major leap forward.

6 thoughts on “This Just In – Alessandro Stratta Consulting at MARCHE BACCHUS

  1. Sweet! Hopefully, we’ll get to see some of Alex’s fantastic food real soon!

  2. The arrival of Stratta and Swan may help Marche Bacchus take a leap forward, but for us, it’s already taken a terminal leap backwards.

    My wife and I went to their Easter brunch last month. When I made our reservations, ten days in advance, I told them my wife was a vegetarian and asked (not demanded) if they could do something to accommodate her. I was told they could, so we looked forward to our meal.

    We were told up front that the vegetarian meal they had planned included mushroom risotto as her entree. As part of their prix fixe menu that day, they also had an appetizer of scallops with mushroom risotto. I had ordered that appetizer, and we joked about how we would both be having the same thing.

    The joke turned sour when our entrees were served, and her mushroom risotto “entree” was nothing more than the scallop appetizer, with the scallops removed. No increased portion size, nothing added as far as garnish or accompaniment. Nothing. And yet we were still charged the same price as the other entrees, which included prime rib with onion bread pudding, pork accompanied by some sort of potatoes or vegetables, and halibut, also with vegetables.

    To add insult to injury, the restaurant chose to add a gratuity to our check, which I have never seen happen to a party of two. And our server had actually been very good, and we would have tipped him more, had we been given the choice.

    We were upset, but didn’t want to further ruin our meal by ending it with an argument with Jeff and Rhonda. So we left, and emailed them a couple of days later with our concerns about the meal. We never heard back, although I am still receiving their email advertisements.

    I get that some restaurants are more vegetarian-friendly than others, but their menu online clearly says that vegetarians should let their server know, and their chef will gladly create a vegetarian alternative for them. If they really mean that their chef will lazily send out a half-plated appetizer and charge them for an entree, then that’s just dishonest. We used to love Marche Bacchus, to the point that we had our rehearsal dinner there (which netted them several thousand dollars). If they repay that loyalty with disregard and contempt, from the management/ownership level, then no amount of big name chefs in the kitchen will bring us back.

  3. I love Marche Bacchus! This will surely send them into a new era of outstanding cuisine. Can’t wait to see the changes!

  4. Great local place. Excellent wine, food and service at least by my experience. I look forward to the next transition.

    @ Andrew; I’m not trying to negate your experience but why didn’t you say something to the waiter when you were there? So many people post about their aberrant experiences regarding a restaurant after the fact when the issue can be resolved while at the table if someone just speaks up at the time the problem is encountered. I remember reading multiple suggestions regarding the same when Craftsteak was reviewed prior on this website when someone posted a bad experience there.

  5. Sorry but you don’t have to “speak up” when you have a sh*tty experience at a restaurant. You just don’t go back, period. There are many great restaurant in Vegas ~ why bother with those that don’t give you a good/great experience up front?

    I second what Andrew said. I had several recent similar experiences at MB. Lovely lakeside area at that place, but my dining dollars will be better spent elsewhere.

  6. While I’m happy for Chef Swan, I still feel that this is somewhat of a step down from the glitz and glamor of the strip. It is still the epicenter of fine dining and no matter what anyone says about his individual abilities as a chef (and believe, me, he is great!) it’s still a big barrier to overcome when you are now associated with a place like Marche Bacchus. It’s homey and good French food, but not Michelin worthy, and not in the league of Michelin-stars.

    Hope Chef Stratta will get back into the swing of things and court a major resort in LV. He deserves a restaurant that is even more beautiful and over-the-top than Alex!

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