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Good writing should write up to its audience. The trouble with our newspaper (the Review-Journal) is that it writes down to its audience. – Max Jacobson (at Culinary Conversations at Vegas Uncork’d)

Translation: Writing down is not talking down. When you write up to your audience, you seek to raise their level of consciousness and elevate the conversation. The R-J (at least when it comes to food/restaurant writing), is hopelessly mired in writing for, and speaking to, the lowest common denominator of its readership. Pity.

7 thoughts on “ELV Thought for the Day

  1. Observation par excellence. America used to “write up,” esteeming itself with dignity, decency, respect. It, at times, seems to be on a long, slow decline to lowered denominators. Good fortune there are still classy doyens such as yourself. Here-hear to many more delicious meals.

  2. Exceptional food writing, (aka from informed Journalists who know food, cooking, service and cuisine), is what, (in part), made your book good. It’s what made the panel discussion at “Culinary Conversations,” great, (accompanied by Mr. Knowlton, who also knows food and dining).

    My only complaint is that the panel discussion was too short. Next year the panel discussion should be 90 minutes.

  3. Hopefully, you will set the panel discussion next year so has not to run too close to the start of the Robuchon event. EatingLV.com is certainly one of my favorite websites and it certainly has the greatest influence over my weekend events.

  4. Why does the Las Vegas food community continue to focus on the journalistic integrity (and lack thereof) of the Review Journal ?

    Doesn’t anyone ever read the Las Vegas Sun and wonder why there is no credible food content?

    As I see it, the RJ issue is flogging a dead horse, we should instead encourage the LV Sun to take the reigns as the leader of the pack.

  5. you cant take a fishrap that doesn’t publish doonesbury seriously. Or the town that doesnt miss it.

  6. The Sun is a 6 or 8-page insert at this point. Vegas’ best food writing can be found online or in the weekly and monthly pubs throughout town.

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