Eat This Now – Escargot at MARCHE BACCHUS

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“Is it too green?” asked the owner.

“Absolutely not,” opined ELV. “Escargot lovers are a pretty brave bunch, and besides, it looks just like it tastes — an herb-y, garlicky delight, chock full of parsley with a slender wisp of tarragon to cut through the earthy, buttery snails. And by the way, did I use too many gimmicky adjectives?”

” Not at all,” responded Rhonda. “What should we call it?”

“Why, the Emerald Isle Escargot,” piped in The Food GalĀ®. “It’s so full of green, glorified goodness, escargot gourmands will go ga-ga.

And so the moniker was granted upon our gift, and it was good.

So sayeth ELV.

It costs $11.

Just thought you’d like to know.


2620 Regatta Drive.

Las Vegas, NV89128


3 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Escargot at MARCHE BACCHUS

  1. Looks great. On our last trip to Paris they were hard to find done old school. My wife loves them that way. We just got back from Amsterdam. They had them all over — properly cooked. She had them five times in ten days. We will be looking these up next trip down.

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