Dressed For Success (again) at LE CIRQUE

“Whaddya mean we’re not dressed right?” said these fellers* as they wandered in off the casino floor looking for a bucket of wings:

[imagebrowser id=1135]

“I mean, fer chrissakes already…that guy in the corner over there…”

[imagebrowser id=1134]

“…thinks it’s okay to let everyone see his entire, pasty-white, unbuttoned chest….and he got a seat!”

“Yeah,” thought ELV to himself, “but at least he’s with a nicely dressed lady…and doesn’t look like he just got back from a hunting party.”

And then we wondered what sort of dude wanders into Le Cirque looking like they got lost on their way to Buffalo Wild Wings…and felt more than a tinge of sympathy for the job Manager Ivo Angelov does convincing slatternly sorts (who are invariably men between the ages of 25-40) they might be more comfortable elsewhere…and thereby quietly and diplomatically protecting his restaurant from looking like a sports bar.

* As imagined by ELV as he sat barely out of earshot.

11 thoughts on “Dressed For Success (again) at LE CIRQUE

  1. Maybe the world should have ended yesterday. Obviously class did for these people and I would have to say standards on Le Cirques part.

  2. Even though they “dine” at Le Cirque, no amount of money can buy any amount of class!

  3. “Hey babe. Can you hook us up with some dogs and cotton candy? Huh? What? Dude! You told me this was the circus.”

  4. Wow…just, wow. Grossly under-dressing at a nice restaurant is a huge pet peeve of mine. I feel it is so disrespectful to not only your fellow diners but also the chef and staff at the restaurant. But a dude showing his bare chest? What the hell?

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