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Do you enjoy foods from around the world? Does seeking out obscure German mustards or canned mudfish get you excited? Or have you been wondering where to find a cervelat the size of a baseball bat…or that Scarface beach blanket you’ve always wanted?

Then wonder no more mes amis. Because on South Decatur there is a large warehouse housing a world tour of exotic eats. A cornucopia of comestibles if you will…including fresh fish, British bangers and unfeasibly large cans of anchovies.

Wandering around this joint and buying nothing is a hoot and a half, but when those dogs get to barkin’, it’s nice to know a foot massager is just down the next aisle, right across from the U.S. Coast Guard towels, next to the dried Korean seafood party snacks.

We love this place, but always seem to want to go on Sundays (when it’s closed). But we made it there last week and noticed many items (French butters, Italian pastas, fresh fish) were identical to those at our higher end markets, but at a significant savings. Sure, you have to navigate all the craziness, but once you’ve corralled that special curry ketchup you’ve been after or nabbed that elusive haggis, some mighty fine objets d’art are a-waiting you near the checkout line.


5000 South Decatur Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89118



  1. Married to an Englishman, I use this place like a crutch to keep him happy. Note of warning: The frozen pasties and meat pies require huge amounts of HP sauce to make them edible.

    They also have incredible weisswurst for a very reasonable price, along with kartoffel dumpling mixes on which they’ve thoughtfully printed the recipe in jerky English. Love.

  2. Do you still need a membership card to shop over there? I seem to recall that you used have to pay a lil bit ~ like $5 ~ for a card… maybe that was years ago…

  3. Ah, John you noticed the fine home ornamentation available for purchase here, too! Yes, it’s a curious mixture of wares, but absolutely the most economical place for many foreign delicacies that translate as “pricey imports” in other local markets. I never leave without trying something new, and it’s always an adventure. Here is the link to my post about the market…

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