Letter of the Week – ELV Can’t Stand Up To Art and Sophistication

Chunkyearth 2011 writes:

if cosmo is the catalyst for changing the way Vegas eats, hopefully as well its the catalyst that actually attracts high or equal quality restaurant/food critics.

Not sure ELV professional blogging can stand up to such art and sophistication.

Maybe for 2011 – ELV should pop the ego and use the juices that spurt out from that explosion to expand the ELV empire and begin to let the leash loose and start out sourcing other talented critics and perhaps some folks that understand food a wee bit more than him… But ELV loves the lime light so the idea of actually expanding and giving Las Vegas some actual street cred amongst other cities might be beyong his vision.

Only time will tell; cosmo grand opening tomorrow. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!

ELV responds:

FYI: ELV’s “professional blogging” is all about art and sophistication.

And he only uses his ego “juices that spurt out from that explosion” to fertilize the wombs of willing females.

Beyong that, his vision is cloudy.

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