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ELV regrets the libelous language in this letter aimed towards persons not connected to this website. Other than editing out the name of that person, Eating Las Vegas now posts this letter in its unedited entirety — for your delectation and perusal. ELV’s response follows at the end of the ….um….er…correspondence.

To Whom It May Concern.

Folks, once again the truth need be known. For those of you reading this, Lynn is _________. She was terminated over a year ago. She has engaged in a bitter war of words with all of our employees that did not buy into her schizophrenic act. And she indeed just took the advice of going on Craig’s list and she defamed many of our outstanding employees, many of whom have been their for 7-8 years. It’s unfortunate that such a horrible employee has the ability to use the public media to assault such good, honorable people. This is a wonman who regualarly cheated on her husband. I bring that up because she also chimed in on this thread using the name Shiraz as my former wife. But Jessica, one big mistake there. Her name is Cheraz! What a jackass. And we all know it is your husband that has the drug problem. Let’s see I have worked for Cornell U. for 8 years, then Mirage Resorts for 8 years now with Paymon’s for ten. And you are where? Still unemployed? Gee I wonder why. While you pile up the enemies, I have no control on how they take recourse against you. But I am sure it will be ugly. ___________ “DO NOT REHIRE”.

And as for John Curtas constantly bashing us when we are constantly taking away every major award in our category, how does an alcoholic with no culinary training become such an expert? Weren’t you disbarred from law not that long ago? You and Jessica Rusoo are tthe only two peoplel barred from Paymon’s restaurants in LV. That is a fact!

So people, read between the lines. Ou employee retention as far past the industry standards. We have people working here form 125 years ago. How many other restuarants can make that claim? People are treated like family here.

By the way, we just won best French Fries from The Las Vegas Weekly not too long ago.

Get a job Jessica and take better care of the newborn. Child protective services are always concerned when parents are displaying paranoid schizophrenic behavior.


Jeff Ecker

Paymon’s Mediterranean Restaurant


ELV responds:

Dear Mr. Ecker,

We know not what psycho-sexual dysfunction(s) leads certain people to vent their bilious frustrations via nasty postings on websites….especially when their spleen-venting diatribes relate to posts that are months old and of little-to-no interest to anyone but them.

Being not a psychiatrist nor a psychologist, we haven’t the tools to even begin to plumb the depths of what unpleasant itch within you (and within your employer) needs to be so constantly scratched that you repair to the World Wide Web to salve your wounds via character assassination and hyperbolic invective. Wethinks if you (and he) spent more time upgrading your food, and less on settling scores, the world would be a better place for all concerned.

As for statements concerning ELV’s professional status and (supposed) personal problems, the abject idiocy behind both those falsehoods would normally cause them to roll off ELV’s back like water off a (tasty, glazed, well-roasted) canard’s. However, ELV is not unmindful of the time your boss, Mr. Paymon Rauf, threatened him with physical harm after our review in Las Vegas Weekly (this was over a decade ago) recounted a meal of kebabs the texture of charcoal briquettes, stale pita bread and lemon-free tabouli. ELV let that one slide, but in the future, should such attacks continue (on either ELV or any other innocent person), please inform him that he can expect a defamation lawsuit against your business(es) and both of you personally.

This will result in each of you being forced to hire a lawyer.

I am a lawyer. Conduct yourself accordingly.


John A. Curtas, Esq.

317 South 6th Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101


FAX: 702.878.9995

e-mail: john@curtaslaw.com

Licensed in Nevada, New York, Connecticut and Kentucky

P.S. In case your pea brain doesn’t get the point,remember: You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

6 thoughts on “Letter of the Week!

  1. Be careful, ELV. Paymon’s won “best French fries”. You don’t want to underestimate the power of fries. Oh, wait. Looking at the Las Vegas Weely site, it looks like Paymon’s won best condiment, not best fries. It’s their dipping sauce for their fries. Which I’m guessing would work for any fries in the city, equally well.

  2. What a joke – paymons. Just go on making cheap greek food to poor hipsters. Your world is already perfect with that. Common please, joints like yours is a dime a dozen across this great world. Why argue witha pompous food critic about shit know one cares about in the most ego driven city, ohh wait, ego driven city; that explains everything

  3. Been in the Philippines where many restos claim to offer authentic greek, thai, chinese, italian, cajun, mexican, ……you name it. All of them miss the mark; some by an inch, some by a mile. Paymons follows the same track but missing by a mile. Have better greek/mediterranean food here with much friendlier service.(Lived in Las Vegas 35 years)

  4. In Mr. Ecker’s defense, I know of very few restaurants that claim their employees have been working for them for up to 125 years. I congratulate Paymon’s on their apparent solution to high turnover of restaurant employees: enslaving the undead.

  5. Bravo, John! Bravo! Could not have put it better myself! You bring some very valid points to the table. As for Paymon and Jeff…. sounds like a law suit is just what they need to (possibly) straighten them out!

  6. Mr. Ecker, does your spell check not work? Or, is it your lack of having two good eyes to see with the reason for all of your typos?? What is a “Wonman?” Learn how to write.

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