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The bread pudding at Marche Bacchus is not made with bread.

It is made with croissants — giving it a lightness heretofore unseen or tasted by ELV in his quest for pudding perfection.

As much as ELV loves eating bread pudding, he loves using words like heretofore even more.

That’s ‘cuz he’s all ed-gee-kated and such.

So he likes to think of Jean-Paul Labadie‘s New Orleans take on his favorite dessert as a bread pudding with a higher ed-gee-ka-tion.

So smart is this concoction, we can forgive J-P for the barely passing grade we’re giving the cinnamon-rum sauce that accompanies it. Perhaps if the sauce were rummier it would get a higher mark, but to truly achieve greatness in Eating Las Vegas’s pantheon of great bread puddings, said pudding would have to be served with a creme Anglais.

Perhaps, hereinafter, said pudding will achieve said greatness.

Either way, it’s pretty fuccen good.

It costs $8.

Just thought you’d like to know.


2620 Regatta Drive.

Las Vegas, NV89128


3 thoughts on “Eat This Now

  1. Does it have raisins? I hate raisins in bread pudding. One might as well put jelly beans in a hamburger.

    Also, the krispy kream doughnut bread pudding at BLT BURGER is off the hizzle as well (sub vanilla ice cream)

  2. Sorry, Troy, but I have to disagree on the raisins. If done right, the raisins help relieve the “bread-y overload” of a good bread pudding.

    And OMG, I SO need to try this soon! Unlike Mr. ELV, I’m a bread pudding fanatic. And yes, this sounds like something I’d really enjoy. :-)

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