Worst Restaurant in City Center Named Best New Restaurant

ELV note: The press release last Friday read as follows:


LAS VEGAS – Eva Longoria Parker’s celebrated steakhouse, Beso, was named “Best New Restaurant” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal 2010 Annual Best of Las Vegas readers’ poll.

The Las Vegas interpretation, situated directly beneath her opulent nightclub Eve, is Longoria Parker’s second restaurant, modeled after her popular, original Beso in Hollywood . Since opening in December 2009 at Crystals in the world-renowned CityCenter complex, Beso has quickly become a favorite hotspot among locals and celebrities alike.

In a brief note to us over the weekend, Eric Gladstone said it best:

Dear John,

Please express my condolences to Shawn McClain, Pierre Gagnaire, Julian Serrano and probably about 10 other new restauranteurs in town. This might be the worst of many offenses in the R-J poll


Well said Eric.

6 thoughts on “Worst Restaurant in City Center Named Best New Restaurant

  1. This is sad. However, I do recall a time when the RJ Best of Las Vegas voted Outback Steakhouse as Best Local Steakhouse. Forgive me if it were another category, but I do remember 2 or 3 years ago that they were selected as a Best of LV restaurant. I doubt any true foodie regards Best of LV as a credible resource. Especially when you consider their picks for best Ice Cream, readers pick – Cold Stone and RJ’s pick – U Swirl. I too like U Swirl and Cold Stone, but they’re nowhere near the calibur of Luv-It Frozen Custard. John I know you post your own list similar to best of lv, but I think you could enhance it by forming your own rebutal (not sure if I spelled it right) to Best of LV. Maybe review the the RJ’s Picks and say which ones you agree with and ones you would change. I’m not telling you how to do your job, I’m a huge fan of your blog, I would just love to see your opinion about it. I know I sound like a brown-noser, but I really enjoy reading your posts. They make the day a little brighter and remind me of the things I truly enjoy in my life – Las Vegas & Food.

  2. When I go to their webpage, I see the 2010 Best New Restaurant as Veradero Cuban Restaurant (RJ) and Carlito’s Burritos (Readers). What am I missing?

  3. The R-J has no business publishing an article about Food & Wine. Take one look at their weekly “Taste” section on Wednesdays, and it’s clear that most stories are republished national pieces with no impact on Las Vegas dining. The most interesting part of the “Taste” section is the restaurant report detailing the findings of recent health department visits.

    Las Vegas as a community has taken food & wine seriously for many years. When will the R-J do the same?

  4. To clear things up, Beso won the Readers Pick for “Best New Restaurant” in the Hotel category. Of course, Beso really isn’t in a hotel, and as mentioned in another blog entry, there are some more worthy places within City Center.

    The editors don’t do much better in this category. They selected “Pink’s”. Seriously.

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