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Pictures of Food? The New York Times Finally Notices…

In keeping with its reputation for being a day late and a dollop short on any and all trends in popular culture, the New York Times ran a story today about the phenomenon of people actually photographing what they eat!

Who knew?

So in honor of same, ELV’s staff thought they should post some more tasty (and not so tasty) snaps of a recent return trip they made to Jean Georges Steakhouse in Aria. Rather than the witty, erudite, incisive, historically profound, and existentially ironic prose for which he is known, ELV will leave you to read the captions on the pics to decipher what he thought of the food…

3 Responses to Pictures of Food? The New York Times Finally Notices…

  • Is it just me or does that strip steak look overcooked? Also, how is the food here compared to JG’s other steakhouse at the Bellagio? Are the prices similar between the two restaurants? Thanks John.

  • craftsteak #1!

  • Great post John. I love the visuals….nice shots to! Your right about newspaper like NY Times being late to the party. It takes innovative bloggers like yourself to keep the public and foodies happy. No wonder so many newspapers are going out of business. They should hire you to give them some tips.

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