The Best Rock Band of All Time (Next to The Beatles)

No, not the geezers you’re gonna see at the Super Bowl. These guys, in their prime:

Why are they the best rock band of all time?

1) They played there own instruments and wrote their own songs;

2) They sounded better live than they did on their records;

3) They were the forerunners of punk, hard rock, and just about anything else that came after them;

4) Keith Moon was the greatest rock drummer of all time, and rock and roll is all about drums;

5) Pete Townsend was no slouch either;

6) They put an exclamation point on true rock (read: rebellious) music that has never been surpassed;

7) Even in middle age, with more comebacks than Brett Favre, they played hard-driving music and never sold out with sappy love songs and even sappier “ballads”;

8) In fact, we can’t think of a single, sappy love song they ever sang (unlike The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, et al);

9) Keith Moon drank himself to death in his early thirties and John “The Ox” Entwistle* died in the Hard Rock Hotel, in Las Vegas, after playing a concert, with a stripper in his bed and an eight-ball on the night stand — true rocker’s deaths if ever there were two.

Finally, you might be asking yourself, why is ELV writing about rock bands on a food blog?

Hey, it’s ELV! We can write about any damn thing we want to!


* Fun musical fact: Entwistle was also an accomplished French horn player – something you can hear on the Overture to Tommy.

9 thoughts on “The Best Rock Band of All Time (Next to The Beatles)

  1. not to mention that smokin a doobie listening to quadrophenia on headphones is one of the true joys in life!

  2. The Beatles will always have their many love related balads to remember. The Who are more the classic English rock band that set THE standard that everyone else is measured against. I can sing the lyrics to both and the melodies last forever. When you think of the “British Invasion” the 5 groups that always come in mind are Beatles, Rolling Stones,The Who, Led Zepelin and Queen. But you can also argue that there are others as well such as Moody Blues and Cream (or anything with Eric Clapton), David Bowie, etc.

  3. Who’s Next was one of the greatest albums of all time. Although I’m slightly more partial to The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, the Who really was the Gold standard.

  4. I totally agree with Schiffman. ‘Who’s Next’ can be compared to ANY rock album in history and usually wins. They could release that album today and it would be #1 on the charts. My guess is The Who plays at least one song from the album this Sunday. Is Zack Starkey (Ringo’s son) still playing for the Who? I have been out of the loop too long listening to Country and Jazz! Wouild you believe I still have a working turntable and a few Who VINYL record albums? Gonna put on the ears and take the advice of Vegasdave–and enjoy every sizzle, whistle and pop from the Vinyl! “We won’t get fooled again!”

  5. *Also worth noting that Entwistle wrote, sing, and played the horn on “My Wife” from Who’s Next.

  6. I guess the Who were an acceptable half-time show, given the fact that Pink Floyd wasn’t available.

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