Calling All Cheftestants…

Open audition casting for Bravo’s Top Chef* to be held this Wednesday at Craftsteak in the MGM.

Sibling chefs with history of bitter kitchen rivalry strongly urged to attend.

Details below:

Who: Casting Team for Bravo’s “Top Chef”
What: Open Casting Audition
Where: Craftsteak, LAS VEGAS (
When: Wednesday, November 11, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


* ELV continues to await the debut of Top Well-Fed Restaurant Critic, so he can finally audition for something.

2 thoughts on “Calling All Cheftestants…

  1. So why didn’t Bravo invite Mr. ELV to be a judge this season? Methinks this was another missed opportunity for them. It’s nice to sometimes see my fave celebs guest judging, but it would’ve been nicer to see some real, LOCAL food experts like Mr. ELV and Mr. Max judging in the town they know best.

  2. Mmm… Top Well-fed Food Critic sounds like my kind of competition. If Bravo does invite you to judge you should pitch it to them. I’ll be in line for that audition for sure. I’ll have some heavy competition though between you and Max.

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