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  1. Stratta??!! You finally did Stratta? I hope you were as happy with your meal there as I was. It really is one of Wynn’s hidden, underappreciated gems.

  2. awwww, I firmly believe Kabob Palace > Taqueria Canonita, although it’s a minor gripe. We get RoadRunner food to deliver Kabob Palace to those of us at Panorama Towers at least once a week. It’s not the best kabob place around (I prefer Shish Kabob House), but I adore their Aashak dumplings and they have the best baba ganush I’ve had outside of my trip to London earlier this month.

  3. Please comment on Lola’s Louisiana Kitchen, a newly opened local spot that I am interested in exploring that is in a bad location which worries me.

    Also please discuss Postrio, its the only eatery on the list I haven’t tried yet.

    atdleft – John has discussed Strata before. Personally I have eaten there 7 or so times and I haven’t had a single meal worthy of Alex Strata’s name, its apparent to me that they have an absentee landlord at Strata, and that makes me a sad panda. I really love Alex’s cooking, but Strata has been a letdown each time I’ve been there. Remove Strata’s name and its fairly good Italian American food served in a wonderful environment but the price is too high compared to the food quality. I’m lucky, I eat there on the house (thank you Wynn!) when I do so I can’t complain.

    Steve – I was in London for the same event you were, where did you find your killer dumplings?

  4. InTheCards-

    Really? I guess I’ve just had a different experience there. The pizzas are quite good, but I’ve always been most impressed with Stratta’s eggplant parmigiana. It’s done there a lasagna, and it’s done quite well with the breading not too thick, the cheese just melty and perfect, and the sauce awfully zesty and tasty. I was also impressed by the garlic risotto (I’m a sucker for garlic), and even by the tiramisu (I know, I know, it’s SO cliche… But Stratta does it well IMHO).

    Again, I just think it’s underappreciated. Stratta may lack the pizzazz of Carnevino or Enoteca San Marco across the street, and it may lack the allure of Sinatra on the other side of the Encore Esplanade, but I’ve found so far that the Italian (or Italian-American perhaps) food it serves is right up there with the rest of them on quality and taste.

  5. Darn it! I thought this was you list of the best of..

    Like Best Hamburger, Best Steak, Best Seafood.. etc..

    I guess I will wait.. I hope it’s coming out soon. Oh, and where is that critic who finds me the best cocktails!!!

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