4 thoughts on “Hot Hostess Watch – FLEUR DE LYS

  1. she is just happy her boss is kickin ass in top chef master..they should just give the win to the man already!

  2. This girl is hot?? She is cute, but certainly not hot. John you have some very bad beer goggles my friend. Would any guy kick this girl out of bed? Probably not. On a scale of 10 she’s about a 6.5. I’m not being rude, just stating the obvious. Call me when get a “HOT” hostess.

  3. Yikes! Who peed in your cornflakes this morning? I couldn’t disagree more. If you’d seen this girl in person, you would appreciate just how beautiful she is. She is still very pretty in this photo, but it doesn’t do her justice. The only reason I’d ever kick her out of my bed would be if my wife came home wielding a shotgun.

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