Bon Appetit: GOLDEN STEER – One of America’s Top Ten Must-Visit Classics

Taken his cues, no doubt, from our staff, Bon Appetit Restaurant Editor Andrew (“I’m not a hunk, I just play one in the magazine”) Knowlton has named our very own Golden Steer one of America’s Top Ten Must-Visit Classic Restaurants in this month’s issue.*

Here’s the link, and we’ll soon see you there, to swoon there, over the strains of Dino, Frank and Sammy.


* ELV is proud to say he has eaten in 9 out of the 10 listed, with only La Dolce Vita in Beverly Hills having escaped his knife and fork. He can, however, claim to have walked past it dozens of times over the years.

5 thoughts on “Bon Appetit: GOLDEN STEER – One of America’s Top Ten Must-Visit Classics

  1. The Goldern Stear is a landmark but over rated. A great place to take a tourist if they want a taste of old vegas. For a Las Vegas Steakhouse, its a 7 out of 10.

  2. I can think of 10 other places that our better. Starting with Del Frisco’s…It was terrible last time I ate there…6 years ago.

  3. WOW! This place actually survived? My dad will probably LOVE to go here when he’s back in town next month! I may need to add this to the “to-do list”.

  4. That is one tired list. The only ones I’d rush to visit are the ones I haven’t eaten at (four of them). Antoine’s? Berghoff’s? Sheesh.

    (I do have affection for Golden Steer, but can’t call it a “Must-Visit Classic”). If the Green Shack hadn’t closed, I would have voted for it, perhaps.

  5. DEL FRISCO’S!!!!!!!

    I will dance a jig when that freakin’ clip joint goes under. The epitome of 90s-2000s excess; overpriced and pretentious, the exact opposite of the Steer. Del frisco is in the same category as Aureole and Olives. May god speed their demise

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