Aging ‘Frisco Food Hippie Makes A Point

Alice “You Mean You Don’t Cook All Of Your Fresh Picked Produce Over An Open Kitchen Hearth?” Waters, got her 60 Minutes profile Sunday night, and for once, her dippy, dilettante elitism seemed to make sense….especially since the same day the New York Times reported that the MRSA staph virus seems to be jumping from antibiotic-infused, pathogenic pigs to humans.

All of the points she attempted to make might have resonated more without the analogy to buying Nikes — such as: Americans could eat healthier and better if they decided eating healthy was a priority as opposed to buying gigantic automobiles and other things they don’t need. But at least she got to say her peace, and for once a national audience was listening.

The real point to be made is that Americans now spend half of what they did 50 years ago on food — when seen as a percentage of our disposable income. The twin demons of cheap, industrialized protein and corn syrup have turned us into a nation that loves its shitty sub sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and overly sweetened everything, because they don’t cost near as much as they did when ELV was in short pants.

Hippy-dippy (not to mention rich and famous) Alice just never got around to saying so.

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