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Dear Readers: Here is a letter that is begging for your suggestions and comments:


Back in my country (Australia) many of our restaurants in all cities and towns, allow you to (BYOG)- bring your own grog!! This can even apply to those restaurants that are licensed, where a corkage charge may apply. This makes dining out more affordable. Australians have the good fortune, to have a large Asian population and hence some excellent Asian restaurants providing fresh produce.

I run the Australian Las vegas business group and have had our “monthly lunch” at Changs on Decatur for the last 4 years. The lunches are well attended 20+ and we spend some $400 + tip (20%). We usually take one of the side rooms, so that our “noisy” bunch of Aussies can enjoy the comrardrie, taste of good chinese food and the beer & wine that we bring. I am currently faced with a problem. The restaurant has recently been sold and they want to now charge us $80 for the room. Considering that we are bringing business and the longevity of our arrangement, I am considering other potential venues that would like our business.

I would be most appreciative if you could suggest an alternative.

Kind regards

David Down Under


Dear DDU,

While I sympathize with your conundrum, methinks you’re expectations ($25/person + BYOG) may be difficult to meet. Fortunately, we have a plethora of great Asian restaurants up and down Spring Mountain Road — some of which might be able to handle a party of 20 for such a gathering. Consider Emperor’s Garden Szechuan, Dong Ting Spring, China MaMa or Yunnan Garden as possible venues — all of which can be researched on this site.

Otherwise, we’ll leave it up to ELV’s faithful and knowledgeable readers to make some suggestions and steer you along the right path.

Gam bei!


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  1. given your preference for “privacy” yun nan, ding tong and china mama do not have private rooms ( at least, i don’t recall seeing them )

    orchid’s, harbor palace and joyful house might have the necessary space but i’m not sure they will be receptive to the BYOG even in our current economy.

    good luck !

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