Hot Hostess Watch – BOTERO

From pigs to babes:

“Las chicas es son muy caliente!” is how Columbian sculptor/artist Fernando Botero would say it, and ELV could make a joke about how finely sculpted Shantel, Jennifer, Alyssa and the muy atractiva chica Sara {not pictured} — are, but he won’t.

But he will tell you they are so apasionado-inducing that he and his staff would eat at Botero even if Chef Mark LoRusso were cooking up nothing but tocino with cocido.

3 thoughts on “Hot Hostess Watch – BOTERO

  1. I hope, that Sr. Botero would say “Las chicas SON muy caliente” since, growing up in ColOmbia, he would know the plural form of all the Spanish verbs. It’s ok John, both are standard gringo mistakes.

  2. EC/John – We should do a boys night out and check out the beef program at Neros. I think it’s right up there with some of the best in town…or was during my last visit there (granted it was about a year ago).

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