Encore Spa

“It’s kinda like the Taj Mahal with hot tubs,” is how one ELV staffer described the ABA-designed Encore Spa after they’d completed a day of relaxation.

We realize this has nothing to do with food, but uber-designer Todd Avery Lenahan’s massage-motivated-palace-of-pleasure-zen-masterpiece is so spectacular that we just had to run a few snaps of it.

And in case you’re wondering, ELV ain’t exactly down with the whole health and relaxation thing — since his idea of a massage begins and ends with Kobe beef, and he’d rather have some Pedro Jimenez P.X. sherry than a pedicure.

2 thoughts on “Encore Spa

  1. Well John, you could at least have mentioned the juice bar there! I sampled some pretty decent peanut butter protein and antioxidant berry smoothies (though I didn’t get a look at how much they were charging for them).

  2. ELV, I’m really disappointed in you not giving this assignment to The Food Gal, who completely understands “the whole health and relaxation thing.”

    NB I presume ELV was allowed to take pictures of the spa facilities because it was during media week, and not because of … uhh … other reasons …

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