Vdara Signage

As ELV was speeding down I-15 yesterday, he noticed the very first sign of the very first mega-hotel (Vdara) in the gargantuan-hotel complex that may or may not open some day called City Center. ELV thinks the name for this behemoth-of-a-project is like…the dumbest name…ever…

Nevertheless, we think the snap is pretty nifty.

Top 5 Reasons City Center isn’t lookin’ too good these days:

5) What the hell is a Vdara anyway?*

4) Recession? What recession?

3) Eight people have died building it.

2) It isn’t a city, won’t be in a city when completed, and probably will never be in a city of any kind.

And the number one reason “City Center”** is a really dumb idea right now:

1) It isn’t in the center of anything, except the minds of the really rich dudes who own it and may lose their shirts.


* The answer is: a 1,543 unit luxury hotel and condominim — like any of those are selling these days….

** So stupid and misleading is the name “City Center” that, from this point forth, ELV intends to refer to it as Quote City Center Unquote, and urges every Nevadan with a brain to use air quotes when mentioning it.

3 thoughts on “Vdara Signage

  1. hilarious post! The lunacy of City Center really struck home when I stayed recently in the Bellagio. I recall visiting this joint with some rich friends years ago: the casino was off limits to a low-roller such as myself, nothing but $25 tables (the rich folks even entertained me with a lets-crumple-up-100-dollar-bills-and-play-basketball game in their suite but thats another story). Anyhow, just a few weeks ago, there I am on Saturday night in the Bellagio playing $10 craps with a pack of tightwads around the table. The room was just $230 as well that night. So you know times are bad when I can play/stay at the Bellagio. But despite the economic hellstorm, right next door is this colossal 9 billion dollar condo development growing like an out-of-control cancer.

    It is like they took the 9 billion and invested it in Hummer dealerships or some other out-of-fashion idea like pet rocks or beanie babies: yeah, it made sense in 2005 but it is woefully wrong in 2009. But away they go, building thousands of condos for future foreclosure sales. Crazy, unbelievably crazy. And we will all suffer as the City Center debt goes bad and causes further upheaval in the financial world.

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