You heard it here first….or second, depending on whether you read NORM! today

The Michelin Guide will celebrate the debut of its entire 2009 U.S. collection, including New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with an invite only red-carpet cocktail reception at the Wynn on October 22nd. The event, which will celebrate starred restaurants across all four U.S. dining destinations covered by the Guide, will be hosted by worldwide Director of the Guides Jean-Luc Naret* and attended by the country’s most notable chefs and culinary personalities.**

This is more big news for what is shaping up as a big week in the gastronomic arts in our humble burg. Two days after the Michelin reception*** The James Beard Foundation will begin its inaugural event here, featuring tastings, lunches, dinners and demonstrations from recent James Beard Award winners; along with panel discussions among some of America’s preeminent food writers.****


* Previously interviewed by ELV.

** Lest you think ELV writes in such stilted, p.r. prose, please be advised (ELV loves talking like a lawyer) that this paragraph was lifted almost word for word from a p.r. release. Just thought you’d like to know.

*** Since mere mortals shall not be invited, ELV is considering a contest — the First Prize of which is attending this reception as ELV’s guest — open only to readers of ELV. ELV is considering limiting the contestants to mega-babes, serious foodies, and/or devoted chefs. If anyone out there fits all three descriptions, the nominations are closed.

**** Three guesses who will be moderating one of them?