He was a great chef as chefs go, and as chefs go, he went.

This just in: Carlos Guia, formerly of Commander’s Palace in the Alladin (now Planet Hollywood), and recently Executive Chef of Louis’ and Louis’ Fish Camp at the Town Square Mall on the South Strip, has moved to meatier climes by becoming Chef de Cuisine at the SW Steakhouse in the Wynn. Sean Kahlenberg, formerly Guia’s Number One at Louis’ is now top toque at both of Louis Osteen’s Low Country cooking venues.

Guia is moving from a spot that averaged 50-100 covers a night to one that routinely does 400+. SW’s record is 720 covers in one night (that’s 144 dinners an hour), so Carlos (as talented as he is) had better keep his track shoes on.

3 thoughts on “He was a great chef as chefs go, and as chefs go, he went.

  1. I wish Chef Guia well working for the Wynnmeister. I’ve always loved his food-some of the best in town in my opinion. I just hope he’s given a bit of a loose rein to bring some of his creative, Southern cuisine to the menu at a Steakhouse. Hmm. I think a “Crayfish Beignet” would be the perfect starter to an entree of “Prime Strip Loin.”

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