Au revoir Alain Ducasse; we hardly knew you


This post raised some hackles, so in the interest of the journalistic integrity for which ELV is known, we must report that the MGM-Mirage officially denies that Alain Ducasse is no longer involved with MIX (although his capacity, we have been told, is solely as a “consultant chef”). Sylvain Portay has told us directly that he is still works at and with the restaurant on Ducasse’s behalf, and we have confirmed this. Our sources stand by their information that Ducasse is (or soon will be) no longer associated with the restaurant. ELV regrets whatever errors were made.

ELV questions exactly when and how Ducasse “consults” on anything there. ELV imagines Ducasse’s average “consultation” goes something like this:

(Telephone rings….)

General Manager of MIX: “Hello, MIX Restaurant in THE Hotel in the Mandalay Bay, may we help you?”

Alain Ducasse: “Thees eez Alain Ducasse.”

GM: “Who?”

AD: “My name eez Alain Ducasse, I am zee most famous and acclaimed French Chef in zee world.”

GM: “I’m sorry Mr. Du….CAT…did you say it was…….?”

AD: “DuCASSE…you pathetic piece of rancid Albanian headcheese! I am zee ne plus ultra de la cuisine Francais!! Zee Michelin men bow before me and kiss zee hem of my garment….”

GM: “I’m sorry Mr. DuKane….but I’ve been here three years and we’ve never met. Would you like a reservation or a table with us this evening?”

AD: “No, I would like my check tout suite!”

GM: “Oh, that Alain Ducasse. It’s in the mail.”




Alain Ducasse has been bought out of his contract with the China Grill Group and the MGM-Mirage Corp. and will no longer be associated with MIX in the Mandalay Bay. Thus, the world’s most Michelin-starred chef now leaves a town he barely came to in the first place. ELV remembers Ducasse appearing at the opening of MIX six years ago, and for hardly a moment since.* Plans for the restaurant — that received a Michelin star last year — are uncertain.

As Ducasse is one of the most overrated, overpriced, globe-trotting-absentee-chefs out there; we feel bad about this not one bit.

In other negative news: 40-40, the Jay-Z** owned nightclub in the Palazzo, will close for good tomorrow night. To paraphrase Sir Charles Barkley: Just what America needs…another out of work hip-hop mogul.


* Alan Richman once wrote of MIX: “Not only is (it) the worst Alain Ducasse idea ever, it’s the worst restaurant idea ever.”

** ELV wouldn’t know Jay-Z from Jay Silverheels, but assumes he/this is a big deal in the nightclub/music business.**

*** The last time ELV paid any attention to the music business, these guys ruled the roost.

4 thoughts on “Au revoir Alain Ducasse; we hardly knew you

  1. Check out Jay Rayner’s new book “The Man Who Ate The World” and head to the Las Vegas chapter and his two-page rant about how terrible Mix is to get another journalist/author’s take on the place. The book itself is also one I would suggest any foodie rush out and buy. Rayner’s writing is smart, funny and no-holds-barred.

  2. If you can remember back a couple of years ago when John Mariani did his GQ piece on Vegas dining, I believe he called Mix not only a bad idea by Ducasse but maybe the worst idea ever!

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