JAPANEIRO on Wake Up With the Wagners

ELV note: Chef/owner Kevin Chong informed us (as we spoke to him in our transplendent white seersucker suit last Friday while he was putting together this tasty spread for the morning news show), that “Japaneiro” means “Japanese-like.” He also said his food is inspired by Japanese cuisine, but he wants it to reflect his love of fusion food and his mixed Asian heritage (he’s Malaysian by birth). We told him he’s pulling off all of these mixed metaphors beautifully….as you’ll see below.


7315 West Warm Springs Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89113



FISH N BOWL Gets Its Closeup on Wake Up With the Wagners

As we’ve said before, fish in the ‘burbs keeps gettin’ better and better…and there’s no better example than Fish N Bowl.

However, as good as Howard Choi’s Nouveau-Japo-Hawasian food is….it is definitely NOT available for breakfast (as we state in the video).

ELV regrets the error, and can only attribute it to a surfeit of enthusiasm for this fusion of fun, fastidious, flavorful, frolicsome and funky foodstuffs.


7225 South Durango Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89113