Summer Dish Review – The “Patty” at THE GOODWICH

Can melted cheese on beef get any better?

We don’t think so.

Can toasted bread get any toastier?

Smoked cream cheese any creamier? Pepperjack any peppier?


In other words, does a patty melt come any comelier?

Probably not.

The Patty is so good, in fact, that we have to force ourselves to order anything else when we’re at The Goodwich.

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Downtown Las Vegas is the Sandwich Capital of the World by Cierra Pedro)

Do you like a good sandwich?

I know I do.

If you’re like us and our staff, you think that John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich did the world a solid in the 18th Century by placing his lunch meat between two pieces of bread:

(Photo by Jon Estrada)

….the better to expedite his eating and not interfere with his gambling habit.

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The Pho (and Sandwich) That Saved Las Vegas

Can a simple bowl of soup do what Tony “Mr. Personality” Hsieh’s millions could not?

Could a kick-ass sandwich:

…. accomplish what all the well-intentioned-yet-ultimately-tepid  redevelopment plans could not? Mainly, create a sense of neighborhood economic accomplishment among the downtown denizens who are hungry for the barest glimpse of something substantive, beyond cocktail bars and used furniture stores?

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