LOTUS OF SIAM (New York Version) Reviewed in New York Magazine

ELV note: This recent review of the New York Lotus of Siam just came across our desk (we’ve been a subscriber to New York magazine since the Clay Felker days of the late 7os), and we thought Las Vegans would like to see how one of the preëminent food writers of New Yawk  treats our treasured possession. We at ELV are glad those New Yawkers are finally catching up with us. Congrats to the Chutimas, and we’ll see you on Saturday night…in Las Vegas!


Lotus of Siam

So how does a cuisine beloved by chefs and assorted ragged outer-borough chowhounds turn into a full-fledged Manhattan restaurant boomlet more or less overnight? That was the question that the grateful, slightly befuddled Thai-food scholars at my table pondered as we sat down to dinner at Lotus of Siam, the second prominent Thai-style restaurant to open in Manhattan in the last two months. Continue reading “LOTUS OF SIAM (New York Version) Reviewed in New York Magazine”