FORTE – First Bites

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Food writers around town are falling all over themselves singing the praises of this joint on South Rainbow near Flamingo. Insofar as it is something new on our food scene — a Spanish/Russian(?)/Bulgarian(??)/Georgian(???)/Bosnian(???????) tapas place — there is a certain appeal to discovering a world of food that usually gets short shrift in America.

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(Russia) is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. – Winston Churchill (October, 1939)

Speaking of enigmas, is this place a night club or a restaurant? More importantly, will it ever get enough customers to justify whatever expense it took to convert the space from the Thai Room II, and is the food worth a trip to Las Vegas Blvd. South (beside The Bootlegger) to supp on some serious Soviet sustenance? Continue reading “MATRYOSHKA”