Alan Richman Strikes a Blow for Benno

ELV note: This Friday morning, on KNPR 88.9 FM – Nevada Public Radio, we interview Alan Richman about everything from ethical eating, to how to order wine for the table in a restaurant, to his running feud with Anthony Bourdain. Here’s a delectable dose of him interviewing and tasting the food of acclaimed New York chef Jonathan Benno of Lincoln, an upscale Italian eatery soon to open in Lincoln Center in New York City (as opposed to the Lincoln Center in Butte, Montana).

And just why do you put a bay leaf in anything anyway?

SCARPETTA – First Look

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Some newspapers and ‘zines rush to be the first to review a restaurant. Some websites pride themselves on being able to show you what a restaurant will look like weeks before it starts cooking, and some critics (and bloggers) love to be the first to crow about having eaten there first.

But only Eating Las Vegas has the temerity, the gall, the guts and the gumption to review a restaurant 6 months before it opens!

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