ONDA RISTORANTE – Stuzzichini + Free Wine!

Stuzzichini are small bites or morsels of food served in wine bars throughout Italy. In Venice, they’re called cicchetti (chee-KET-tee) and are there basically to compliment the wine and encourage your thirst for more. Stuzzichini is derived from the verb: stuzzicare, which can mean “to tantalize.”

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BLT BURGER on KLAS TV (CBS) Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

Yes, sports fans….we finally found a restaurant (and food) that KLAS anchor Dave McCann likes:

…although they stop the video before we can watch the big guy take a bite.

And even though we didn’t have time on the air to mention BLT Burger’s chili, Hugh Alexander Curtas (The Official Number Two Son of ELV), tells us the chefs took our former criticism to heart, and now it’s better than ever.