The $89 JOEL ROBUCHON Menu Is a Steal

It’s a steal because the bread and cheese cart selections alone are worth at least half that, and the accommodating staff let’s you chow down on those as much as you want. (FYI: you do pay a $15 surcharge for the cheese cart, but that’s an even bigger bargain if you’re a certified Franco-philic fromage forager like yours truly.

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Best Food Week Ever – Parts Four And Five Preview

Tonight (in less than three hours) begins Part Four of ELV’s Best Food Week Ever. As part of the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America Event, ELV will be hosting a dinner at Fiamma at the MGM Grand (with an amazing meal + wines being offered by Carlos Buscaglia and Fabio Trabocci at the not-exactly-bargain-priced-but-all-for-a-worthy-cause cost of $350/per). As wonderful as the food (and the privately selected wine) is sure to be, you won’t want to miss ELV’s sparkling commentary on same — delivered with the twinkle-in-his-eye irony and rakish charm for which he is known.

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