YAGYU, MARU and GARFIELD’S – An Eating Odyssey

I know, I know, we swore off beef eatin’ entirely a week ago. But then we cruised by Yagyu Yakiniku:… and that’s all they serve. So we hunkered down with some spectacularly marbled cuts of sirloin and rib-eye, had a cold brewski or two, and then hightailed it over to Maru:…where it’s practically an insult not to partake of bulgogi or some falling-off-the-bone beef ribs.

Enough is enough…we said to ourselves.

But then the next day, we found ourselves at Garfield’s, and wouldn’t you know it, Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet puts out some beefy chuck top blade steak before us (plus some lamb in a pastry crust):…and it would’ve been downright unneighborly to refuse.

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