Letter of the Week: What is ELV Eschewing with VEGENATION?

Dear ELV,

I saw this clip of you on Wake Up With the Wagners last Friday and immediately turned to my husband and said, “It’s only a matter of time until Curtas eschews the dark side and goes full plantal.” He said I was crazy — after I told him what “eschew” meant. What say you ELV? Is a conversion to the joys of brown rice, soy milk and tofurkey in your future?

Vegetally yours,

Wheat Germ Wendy

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Letter of the Week – Where Has All The Quality Gone?


An obvious avid foodie, professional cook and thinker of deep thoughts writes in this week with some cogent observations, cogitations and ruminations about what has happened to our local (and national) food scene. Taken in its entirety, it summarizes much about the state of our restaurants.  ELV’s response will follow after the LOTW:

Dear ELV,

I’m curious what you think about Michael Mina opening all these eateries all over America? What do you think about all these talented chefs from days ago assimilating under his brand? Such as Adam Sobel, Gary LaMorte, Gerald Chin, Dave Varley? I mean the list goes on.

I’m also wondering if the Mina brand has somewhat standardized and factory-o-ized fine dining, upscale dining, gentrified dining? I say all this because I watch some of my friends post pics of the new Giants Stadium location and this Locale Market thing in Florida, and all I see is his consumption houses. I am seeing a crossbreed between culinary and media…. For example at the locale Market place in Florida there was talk about an alligator wrapped in bacon? For me all imagine is upscale dining dumbing itself down to cater to the reality TV obese couch sitters that patriotically support the idea of ‘Murica.

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