Dining Out (and Wine) Options for Thanksgiving on News 3 at Noon

ELV note: you’ll have to scroll all the way to the end of the show (to the 5:15 remaining mark), but if you do you will be richly rewarded with some beneficent banter about baking and boozing your way through the bewitching bounty befitting our humble burg. (Not only that, we’ll also tell you where to go for some succulent supper and a super sandwich if you don’t feel live slaving over a stove.


4350 East Sunset Road (near Sunset and Sunset – go figure)

Henderson, NV 89014




(Multiple locations)



2620 Regatta Drive.

Las Vegas, NV89128



Nina, Pablo and John Show How its Done at Channel 3

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We were recently asked by a local p.r. person about our weekly food/restaurant segment on Wake Up With the Wagners on KSNV TV (NBC) Channel 3 with this inquiry: “What exactly is the context of your segment?”

Leaving aside for a minute that any public relations person worth their salt (especially one who reps restaurants)  should know what we do on local television (after all, we’ve been a regular on local TV now – first on Channel 8, now on Channel 3, for five years), we thought, as a public service, we should show and describe what is entailed when restaurants and chefs come to the studio.

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Charcuterie & Salumi on Wake Up With the Wagners

ELV returns to Channel 3 with a bang and a hamload of coppa, sopressata, lomo, tête de cochon and saucisson (just to name a few) this morning on Wake Up With the Wagners.

Major props to Geno Bernardo of NOVE and Brian Howard from Comme Ça, for providing the platters of tasty meats, pickles, and mostarda (all made in house – natch), and for helping to elevate Las Vegas’ eating IQ (one sausage at a time) with their fervent devotion to freshness and locavorism.

As usual, you’ll have to scroll down to the 28:33 mark of the video to see us expound on the virtues of their virtuous pursuits — at least from everyone’s but the pig’s perspective.

Other salumi seers mentioned on the broadcast:

Spago (for Eric Klein‘s Alsatian take on sausages)

Valentino (try Luciano Pellegrini‘s duck pastrami)

Carnevino (Mario Batali and his dad practically started the craze over ten years ago – his troops at Carnevino do him proud.)

Once you’ve tasted any of their house-made sausages, you’ll be cured of craving industrial-cured meats forever.

Buon gusto!